Legacy of Music, "Universe", incomplete lyrics/songtext

Watch me bleeding for entertainment
Only that's what you're looking for.
Breaking news <...> victims,
Bloody mornings and misery.
Let me die for another existence,
Let me fly to another universe.
Too many stars are burned out <...>
<...> reliable decisions.
Hey, are you lonesome deep at night,
When everything around seems so black,
Can you tell me what will be my doubts
For understanding.
Hey, this is not the way we should live,
Trying to research <...>
<...> go on like <...>
Losing our <...>
Imagine that we are the points of light
<...> in the universe.
<...> if lit at night
We only see the blacker sky.

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Legacy Of Music, Solitary Experiments, "Count", Incomplete lyrics/songtext

To know that I am someone special,
To feel I am one for you
It's the most precious thing I've ever had,
Just like a barrel of gold.
Look behind the fallen curtain
And you see <...>
<...> the one and only
Inside your heart.

And so we count the seconds,
We count the days.
We leave it all behind.
We lit the burning fire, the brightest light
Where we belong.

Our days were passing by,
I was really entertained
With your lips, your life, your furity
But <...> should say
<...> I have to say
Auf wiedersehen.

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Морские осколки -- Морские разбойники. 130 -286
Северные -- Северные буроломы. 27 -628